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Aqua-Dynamic farming is the production of food crops and fish in a closed growing system, using environmentally friendly practices.

Tilapia fish tanks are the key component to Aqua-Dynamic farming. Each tank is home to 500 – 600 Nile tilapia. By controlling temperature, diet and water quality we can produce a 1.5 lb – 2 lb tilapia in 12 – 18 months from a 1” fry. Our rooftop system produces healthy fish that are locally grown and free of harmful chemicals. Fish waste is filtered from each tank and then digested into minerals that the plants will use. Living biological filters will convert harmful ammonia to a nitrate form of nitrogen, which will be absorbed by the food crops above. After the fish water has passed through the filters and the digesting equipment, it is then delivered to the hydroponics growing systems above. The plants absorb the minerals from the water and the excess water drains from the hydroponics system back into the fish tanks. This completes the Aqua-Dynamic loop.

Tilapia is often marketed as "St. Peter's fish" since some species have inhabited Middle Eastern waters, such as the Sea of Galilee, for thousands of years.

Tilapia species are members of the freshwater fish family Cichlidae (pronounced "sick-li-day"), of which there are many aquarium species.

Tilapia grow fast, consume inexpensive feeds, reproduce readily in captivity, resist most fish diseases and have a pleasant, mild flavor. Feed conversion ratio is better than 1.5 pounds feed : 1 pound of fish.